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Mezuzos of Rabbi Ben Tov
To Each Mezuzah is chosen a parchment scroll that serves for the sake of Mezuzah commandment and is written personally by a certified Sofer.

Each Sofer is approved personally by Rabbi Shimon Ben Tov Shlit”a.

Mezuzah is written with special ink that is durable for many years.
Each mezuzah scroll is checked meticulously twice, by a computer and by our expert.

There are three main approaches to Mezuzah writing according to the Jewish tradition:

1. Sephardic – spread between the communities originated from the East and South Africa.
2. Ashkenaz – Beit Yosef – accepted between the communities originated from Poland and Lithuania.
3. “Ha’Ari” – accepted between Chassidic and Chabad communities.

It is possible to order each approach in three sizes: 12 cm (4.72441 inches), 15 cm (5.90551 inches), 20 cm (7.87402 inches).
As bigger is the size of the scroll as higher is the quality and Hiddur of writing.

There is an option to return the product during 14 days from receiving with the condition that it was not in use.

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Type of Writing

"Ha'ARI", Ashkenaz – Beit Yosef, Sephardi


12 cm (4.72441 inch), 15 cm (5.90551 inch), 20 cm (7.87402 inch)

Kashrut Level

Kosher Le Mehadrin