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Founded by the Tzaddik of the Mezuzot Rabbi Moshe Ben Tov

The institutions of Dor and Dor were established to help, increase and expand the circle of Torah and purity among the Jewish people.

Family purity

The glue of the Jewish couple is rooted in the observance of the Mitzvah of Tahara. This is the basis upon which a proper and stable Jewish relationship is based.

The Jewish Home

Tefillin, Shabbat, Mezuzah, Tahara and other 609 Mitzvah’s give the character of the Jewish home, and those that create the difference between a Jewish home and a non-Jewish home.


We are not renewing anything in the field of Judaism, we are handing over what our rabbis have instructed us until then (of the handing over of the Torah to the people of Israel) Matan Tora to Am Israel by Moshe Rabbeinu.


To help the other with devotion and without limit, to fulfill the lack of the other, and as Rabbi Yisrael of Salant's saying: This world of your friend is your Olam Aba.


The bodyguard of your house, as is accepted in the world that guarding is from within. But the Mezuzah protects from the outside, in the heat and cold, guarding you and your loved ones.

World Judaism

"If it will be rejected at the edge of the sky”, It is not just a verse but a desire to find a Jew anywhere in the world and to illuminate his soul.

Donation to continued activity, and support for institutions

One video that explains it all

Dear viewer, In these 3 minutes we tried to summarize a small example of the extensive activity of our institutions that has not ceased for many years, 24/7 to every Jew everywhere, you are invited to take part and participate in our activities.

Dor Va Dor institutions

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קורס טוהר ראשון לנשים ירושלים יפתח אי”ה בשבוע הבא

קורס טוהר ראשון לנשים ירושלים יפתח אי”ה בשבוע הבא

הזדרזי להירשם קורס טוהר ראשון בדיוק בשבילך את המעוניינת להרחיב אופקים רוחניים ולקבל כלים מעשיים, חייגי כעת ל 025910025

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